Tina Ingram, Owner

My name is Tina Ingram.  I am a Bible teacher, dancer and community volunteer in my spare time.  I began Purged Cleaning Service 13 years ago working from home so I could be with my children as much as possible.  I am married to a wonderful man.  My husband, Michael is a Ministry Pastor at our church and Minister of Music.  He is also a singer and song-writer.  He is my rock!  We have 4 beautiful girls.  Summer, our oldest recently got married and added her husband, Troy to our family.  She is a crew leader in our company.  Ariel, is almost 18 and will be leaving for college soon.  She is so smart.  Paris is 14 is a loyal, true-blue young lady who loves to do construction with her Dad.  And Jurnee, who is now in heaven is our princess.  Our family loves God and is committed to ministry in our church, community and in prisons where we are State Certified Volunteers.  We are devoted to loving each other and doing things as unto the Lord. 


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Other Staff Members Not Pictured

Temperance Flores, Ashley Crowe, Jenn MacDonald, Rosemary Ucelo-Gonzalez, Lilly Limardo, Tara Wilson